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Guys, ok, this is serious... It works, and we need to spread the word. The more people know and use this, the better it works. Already got my whole family into this. Share this with every1 you know, and we'll make tons of bucks xD
05/15/2013 8:45 pm



+1 on that Bro, Already got my family and friends into this. Spread it with your mates, more money for all!
03/17/2013 1:46 pm



04/19/2013 1:35 pm



Yhea, I got started about 5 weeks ago. It was funny seeing this on the news article today... Right now I've made about $2300, not exactly the $10K as advertised but hey, I still have to train a bit more.
03/04/2013 11:56 pm



Honestly, you should be selling the video along with the Ebook, my 2 cents here... ;) anyway THANKS! :)
02/27/2013 3:23 pm



I disagree Sarah, I think it's very nice of Dan to offer the video for free... Out of all the other systems I checked before arriving here, Dan is the only one who actually shows proof of concept before you have to buy anything... and as a result - I just came back here and bought his E-book and I'm going to spend this week reading it thorughlly!
02/15/2013 1:07 pm



That's right Paul, I just paid for this Ebook with the money I made trading binary options like the video shows... so it's a win-win situation for all I guess... LOL
02/09/2013 10:14 am



I can't believe how quick and effective this system really is. It is day 3 now and I have already made exactly $837.96
01/08/2013 11:08 pm



The trader in Pajamnas method is exactly what I was looking for. All my friends were talking about Binary options and Forex, but I had no idea where to begin... Now, after 10 days and well over $10K up, my friends are coming to me for advice!...
01/06/2013 9:08 pm

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